Energy Saving Tips

Although The Green Deal is well under way the scheme won’t be fully in place till January 2013. In the meantime there are several other way you can do to help start to cut down on your energy bills. Read below for energy saving tips that you can incorporate in to your everyday life.

1)    Start by turning down your thermostat. By just turning it down by one degree Celsius could help you save up to £40 per year. Or by simply putting another jumper on could make that thermostat even lower. Also make sure you are not warming up empty rooms you are not using as this is a waste of energy.

2) Your hot water tank also has a thermostat so don’t forget to turn that down to roughly 60 Celsius, this will give the tank enough heat to warm the water up.

3) By simply switching the lights off when you leave a room can save you a lot of money on your electric bill. You can also consider having energy-saving light bulbs fitted throughout your property. You can buy energy saving bulbs at almost every super market and in similar shops. They may cost more than the normal bulb but each bulb can save you £9 over the course of a year.

4) As well as making sure you switch off your lights make sure other appliances such as TV’s, Radios, DVD Players etc…  are turned off and don’t leave them on standby simply turn them off at the plug when you are out or not using them.


5) A tip when washing your clothes:  Washing your clothes at 30 Celsius instead of 40 Celsius can save up to 40% more energy. Also If you use your dryer regularly stop! Leave your clothes out to dry on the washing line or on a clotheshorse. This could save up to 10% off your energy bills.

6) We know baths can be relaxing and something you look forward to throughout the day, but having a bath every time instead of a shower is wasting a lot of water. By having a shower instead of a bath you could save around 40 litres of water each time.

7) If you use a dishwasher daily at home make sure it is always full when you do so you may not have to use it every day.

8) When you do have your central heating on, a simple way to help keep the heat from leaving straight through the windows is by making sure all your curtains are drawn shut with no gaps in so the heat can’t leave. But also make sure that you don’t drape your curtains over the radiator as this can stop the heat coming in the room  and sending it straight out the windows.


Start cutting down your energy bills today by doing these simple everyday tips. For more information about saving energy with The Green Deal don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 080 7887 or fill in our online enquiry form.


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