Free Boiler

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Everybody dreads winter; most of us hope our old boilers will make it through another year. We know we need to replace them, but with the average cost at £2300 for replacement boilers it’s not something we can always do when we please.

The higher cost of replacing your boiler can often be the off putting part of this energy efficient transition, with the boilers often costing £100 to £200 more than non-condensing models. However through the ECO fund you can receive a heating grant for a free boiler to be installed.

Through the government led initiative, free funding is available to help those who are financially struggling to afford energy efficient boilers that will keep your house warmer for longer, therefore cutting down on your energy bills. If you are a homeowner or tenant and you are living in a hard to treat property, in a low income home or are vulnerable such as the elderly or disabled, funding is provided for energy efficiency measures such a cavity wall insulation.

This government led scheme was launched alongside the Green Deal to provide additional support in the domestic sector, with a particular focus on vulnerable consumer groups and hard-to-treat homes. The process begins by having one of our credited assessors come to assess your property, looking out for all the improvements that can be made on your home under the Green Deal Initiative. Once the assessor has made a report on your home they will pass it on to a fully accredited GDA installer who will carry out the insulation work. If you wish to apply for the ECO Fund, simply complete one of our easy application forms here.

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