Green Deal Providers

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Who Can Become a Green Deal Finance Provider?

Whether you are a high street bank, building society or other financial institution you can become involved in offering Green Deal Finance to energy consumers.

Why Be a Green Deal Finance Provider?

The way the Green Deal is structured makes it as simple as possible for consumers to payback through their energy bill.  There is a lower risk of consumers default on their energy bill.  In addition to this the Green Deal Charge remains with the property and the energy bill payer rather than with the consumer.

Finance Providers receive payments via the energy supplier.

Green Deal Credit & Businesses

To widen the appeal of the Green Deal, the Government has proposed an exemption from the Consumer Credit Act for business customers.

Consumer Protection

If an consumer is unable to pay the energy bill and/ or the Green Deal Charge energy suppliers are prohibited from disconnecting households during winter months or where the consumer is considered vulnerable.

All of the officially announced providers can be found here!

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