Home Improvements

The Green Deal Scheme will launch in full late January 2013. From this point home owners will be able to have Green Deal home improvements carried out by Accredited Installers.

For installation work to be undertaken, home owners must have had their Green Deal Assessment carried out, which results in a Green Deal Report. The Green Deal Report allows the home owner to choose who carries out the work from a number of accredited installers and providers.

The Green Deal Hub advises all home owners to seek out at least 3 competitive quotes for the work. The Providers could offer different interest rates and incentives to take the scheme out with them and as long as the Green Deal Golden rule is met, home owners should make the choice themselves.

This section of the sites details some of the home improvements and products (or Green Deal Measures) that are included within the scheme such as Green Deal Boilers, Green Deal Double Glazing or Insulation.

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