Green Deal Double Glazing

The Green Deal is a scheme which allows property owners to install energy saving improvements like double glazing to their homes without having to use their own capital. The property owner will then pay the fee back in instalments once the improvements have been made. These instalments will be added to their energy bills. Using the Green Deal, the government is offering low interest loans to pay for energy improvements in homes.  Homeowners will not only benefit from the improvements, but will see a reduction in their energy bill. The energy bill will include a repayment charge but this will be offset by savings made in the reduction of the property’s energy consumption. Interest rates on products and services within the Green Deal Scheme are not finalised yet but Providers of the scheme are expected to offer various incentives such as discounts to encourage home owners to undertake energy saving home improvements to their property.

Energy Efficient Double Glazing?

Double glazing qualifies as an energy savings scheme under the Green Deal. Green Deal Double glazing helps to keep in as much heat as possible so will reduce heating bills. Large amounts of heat can be lost through glass but double glazing panes trap air between them and act as an insulator.  Under the Green Deal, home owners without double glazing can request for it to be installed without having to pay any fee in advance. This deal is well worth considering as double glazing a property can cost a considerable amount.

Are there any other Criteria?

The Green Deal is only available to property owners who pay their own bills. To qualify for the Green Deal, accredited installers must be used. There will be extra support available for people on low incomes or people who own properties where installing double glazing is considerably more expensive than normal.

Although an applicant must own the property to qualify for the Green Deal, if the person decides to sell, the repayments will be transferred to the energy bill of the new owners. If a home owner decides to swap energy provider, the Green Deal loan transfers too. The Green Deal loan stays with the property, not with the individual(s). The loan can be paid off earlier by the owner should there be any issues with a new buyer for the property not wanting to take on the Green Deal loan.

The scheme offers home owners an incredible way of having double glazing installed without having to pay for the Green Deal home improvements immediately. The Green Deal, will loan a property owner the money to have the work carried out, with repayments made through their regular energy bills. The bills will lessen immediately with the installation of double glazing and the cost savings will be used to make the repayments on the loan. Once the loan repayments are complete the property owner will feel the full benefit of the reduced energy bills.

Only quality products are used within the scheme, so accredited installers will only be able to use products that offer home owners the highest standard of glazing to make the most efficient energy saving improvements to their homes.

For more information about the Green Deal Scheme and to become one of the first home owners to have an assessment, complete your details in the contact form provided in the home owner section of our site.

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