Hurry Up Spring!

As we move through February, a change in season can be very faintly detected. The snow has melted and spring doesn’t seem such a far off prospect as it did a couple of weeks ago. The Green Deal has been largely associated with winter hardships. A way of making properties more affordable to heat, its focus has clearly lied in the colder months. However, the Green Deal does not just provide boilers and affordable heating; it provides solid methods of keeping homes draught-free and comfortable, which is still needed in our temperamental British summers.

Despite each year bringing with it new levels of optimism and high hopes that “this one is going to be a heat wave”, us Brits are lucky to get a week of sunshine and warmth at most. Our homes still need to be protected against a British chill in the summer, with drizzly rain and wind an inevitability. This is where home improvements such as insulation and double glazing can be a real saver. Nobody expects to have to put the heating on in summer months, but if a house has single glazing or lacks insulation, sometimes it can feel as chilly as if it were winter.

The Green Deal offers cavity wall, external wall and loft insulation. The difference it makes having a well-insulated house is phenomenal. Not only does it keep heat it, it keeps cold out. Now here’s the really clever part: on the off chance we do miraculously get a heat wave, insulation protects your home against excess heat. An un-insulated home is guaranteed to be uncomfortable; either it will be too cold, or too warm. Insulation stabilises the temperature of a property and keeps it comfortable all year round.

The same applies to double glazing, which is multi-beneficial. Not only does it keep heat in in the winter, it keeps any unwanted heat out in the summer.  It also works wonders in preventing outside noise. Noise reduction is a huge benefit of double glazing, especially if there are noisy garden parties going on late into the night!

Now, we may be getting ahead of ourselves here with all this summer talk, but it doesn’t hurt to think ahead. The Green Deal is intended as a long-term plan, not just a quick winter fix.

Don’t forget to fill out our homeowner form if you have not yet registered for a Green Deal Assessment. We will then contact you over the next couple of weeks to book you in!

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