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  • Green Deal is the largest home improvement scheme since the 2nd World War.
  • Work can only be carried out by accredited installers.
  • There are 45 measures included within the scheme.
  • The Green Deal Hub can help you identify your training and accreditation requirements.

Being A Green Deal Installer

A prerequisite of the Green Deal is that energy efficiency measures are installed by an accredited Green Deal installer.  You do not have to be in a particular trade to become an accredited installer, however you will require certification.  You will also be expected to work to a recognised standard and to the certified framework.  The Green Deal framework ensures a certain level of standard is maintained for Green Deal measures and ensures the consumer receives the same level of service throughout the 60,000 installers. To find out more about installer training and accreditation, contact us with your details and we will provide information to help take you through the process. Whether your company is large or small, we will provide the correct information to ease your understanding of the process to easily guide you though it so that you can become an accredited installer. Providers will be seeking teams of installers who can tackle a whole house, as not only are there 6 million houses in need of loft insulations but 6 million also in need of double glazing windows. Therefore the DECC are encouraging installers to widen their network of colleague associates.

Code of Practice

Accredited Green Deal installers will be expected to use certified products and materials, ensure they meet the specified Code of Practice, employ customer care systems and provide insurance warranties for materials and installation.  Installers will have to demonstrate they comply with relevant Green Deal requirements and at all times display the Green Deal Official Quality Mark. Green Deal Installers will have to display the Green Deal Official Quality Mark

Green Deal Installers

The Green Deal Manager is an online tool that is to be launched alongside the Green Deal scheme that is to be introduced in the UK in October 2012. It has been designed to help and to guide Green Deal Installers through the policy and process of the Green Deal. To find out more on the Green Deal Manager, please view the following PDF, or contact usfor more details.

The Green Deal Hub – Green Deal Manager PDF

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