Is Green Deal for Business Buildings Too?

With the arrival of the Green Deal many are eager to have their homes assessed under the scheme. However, owners of business buildings are left wondering whether they, too, come under the initiative. The answer is yes, but not right away. Because of the huge scale of Green Deal UK, its launch is only covering residential properties to begin with. David Cameron recently defended the scheme’s slow start, stating that industries would be inundated and the manpower would not be available if it were to get off to a too rapid, heavy start.

Green Deal offers to make properties across the UK more energy efficient through various energy-efficiency home improvements. These Green Deal home improvements will cover things such as draught exclusion and cavity wall, loft and external wall insulation. It comes at a time when not many property owners can afford the upfront cost of such home improvements, and energy prices are on a drastic incline.

Green Deal work will apply to business buildings too, but not right away, the government has announced. It is expected that the Green Deal Scheme will open to business buildings in the next 9 months or so. It is certainly worth owners of business buildings holding out for the scheme, as it is a great way to finance any cost-heavy energy-related improvements.

The Green Deal Loan is financed through various Green Deal providers. You can choose which provider to go with when it comes to your Green Deal plan. The money spent on Green Deal property improvements will be paid back through the money the property owner saves on energy bills. A Green Deal charge will be added onto the bills, but will never be allowed to exceed the money saved on energy bills.

The size and nature of business buildings mean that if they waste energy, they waste a lot. This can cost the owner extortionate amounts of unnecessary spending. Therefore, for a more energy-efficient business building, it is worth holding out for the Green Deal Scheme.

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