New Communications Plan for the Green Deal

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has been granted an exemption from the UK government’s marketing freeze in an attempt to raise awareness of the Green Deal. The Green Deal is a government scheme which aims to make properties more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cheaper to run. The launch date of the flagship initiative is the 28th January 2013, from which time Green Deal measures will be taken to make participating properties more energy efficient. These measures will include things like having Green Deal double glazing installed, having Green Deal insulation installed, and having new boilers fitted.

In recent weeks there has been more than a small amount of concern about the general public’s lack of knowledge about the Green Deal, with many claiming that they have never heard of it and others claiming that they don’t really understand what it is. Green Deal Finance will mean that property improvements will come at no upfront cost. The Loan means that the improvements will be paid back through the property owners’ monthly energy bills. Further, the “golden rule” of the Green Deal is that the payments will only ever equate to, or be less than the money the property owner saves on energy bills.

Therefore, with such a promising and beneficial scheme worked out, it is a real shame to see it go unnoticed. Hopefully the initial £2.9 million that has been put up for this marketing campaign will do the trick in increasing awareness of the scheme. This should then lead to more people signing up to have their homes assessed in preparation for the Green Deal launch.

Green Deal Assessments will be taking place from early January onwards, and will involve Green Deal Advisors visiting participating households to survey them for their energy inefficiencies. The advisor will then inform the property owner about which measures can be taken to make the property more energy efficient.

Further recent Green Deal plans include the development of a national Open Homes Network, which will mean that people who are interested in participating in the Green Deal will easily be able to find and view houses that have had energy saving retrofits.

These measures should hopefully act as the final push in spreading the word about the Green Deal and ensuring that plenty of people are enthusiastic to take part in it.

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