Start Saving on your Energy Bills before the Green Deal Launch

The aim of the Green Deal Scheme is to make UK properties more energy efficient through measures such as having Green Deal double glazing installed, replacing old boilers with Green Deal boilers and insulating buildings. However, whilst the country eagerly awaits the scheme’s arrival in January 2013, there are other, smaller measures that can be taken on a daily basis to help reduce energy bills. At the moment the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere need to be reduced significantly. The UK government has a target to reduce these emissions by 80% by the year 2050. The Green Deal should go some way in helping this target be reached, but, as they say, every little helps, and actions do not have to be major to make a big difference to the damage currently being done the environment.

Firstly, a surprising amount of appliances in households are left running constantly, or in when they aren’t needed, which results in a pointless waste of energy and added cost. If you turn a light off, even momentarily, it will save more energy than it takes to turn the lights on again. This applies to all kinds of lights.

Having Green Deal Home Improvements may seem like the only way to make a real difference; but simple measures such as these really do go a long way! Whilst there are some appliances such as digital television boxes that need to be left running (to save any recording programmes), many can be turned off completely without causing a negative effect, such as a radio. A household can save around £40 a year just from turning things off!

Green Deal measures will make homes retain heat much more effectively. However, houses across the UK do put their central heating on higher than is necessary, even without Green Deal improvements. A good way to test whether you are heating your home to an unnecessary degree is to turn your thermostat by 1 degree, leave it for a while, and see if you are still warm enough. Then over a few days keep turning it down until you have got it right. This makes no difference to your comfort but could make a huge difference to your bill-spending.

Some other handy tips are even easier to carry out:

  • Don’t fill your kettle up all the way – this means that every time it boils it only uses the energy necessary to heat the water you actually need, rather than using energy to heat water that doesn’t get used.
  • You can purchase things such as draught excluders that are cheap, require no installation and can make your house look all the more cosy for the coming festive period!

Don’t wait for the Green Deal to start saving money, there’s plenty to be getting on with in the mean time!

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