The Long Term Benefits of the Green Deal

In the hustle and bustle leading up to the Green Deal, many are thinking about the quick benefits to be reaped from such a scheme. For example, there is the cash reward many who are quick to sign up for the scheme will receive. Then there’s the prospect of saving on energy bills. But it’s not all instant gratification; there are many long-term rewards to be received from undergoing Green Deal home improvements.

The government scheme is aimed at making UK houses and business buildings kinder to the environment. Properties will be assessed by accredited Green Deal advisors and then Green Deal improvements will follow. These could be any of a number of measures, such as having double glazing, a new boiler, or insulation installed. Green Deal Finance will mean that these improvements do not come at any upfront cost for homeowners, who can pay back for them monthly through the money they save on energy bills.

Making your home a Green Deal home will save you unimaginable amounts of hassle in the future. With trained installers and assessors, it becomes easy to know exactly what your home needs. This will ensure that your home gets optimum care, and will ensure that it will be sturdy, warm and energy efficient for years to come.

This leads on to the second long-term benefit of the Green Deal: the increased value of your home. With these home improvements comes a revitalised property that will be worth significantly more within the property market. So, if in years to come you decide to sell up your Green Deal home, you will be able to feel the benefit of having it improved at no upfront cost.

Finally, the Green Deal Loan brings with it the unique benefit of being attached to the property, and not you. Unlike many other loans that one may take out in one’s life, it will not follow you if you decide to move home. Therefore, there is no ultimate commitment to the Green Deal home improvements you decide to get; it really is purely for the benefit of the environment, not for financial gain.

The Green Deal will soon be fully upon us, and with a bit of long-term perspective, should be welcomed by property owners across the UK!

For any information on Green Deal home improvements please feel free to call 01274 534040, or take a look at our Green Deal Installer Directory.

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