Want to be a green Deal Hub Installer?

Love your house or business office to be more energy efficient? Love to save on your energy bills and pay no upfront cost? Love DIY jobs? Love to help others to get into the Green Deal Scheme and reduce their energy consumption? If all of your answers to these questions are positive you should definitely consider becoming a Green Deal Hub installer.

To join in our network of Green Deal installers you don’t need to be in a particular industry but you are required to get be certified as an official Green Deal installer, and make sure you work to the same high standards with every customer.

Becoming an accredited installer will also require expanding your network. To ensure that the Green Deal Scheme providers value you for your wide skill set and want to work with you, you should take advantage of your colleagues and associates and partner with them on Green deal hub projects. There are currently 60,000 accredited installers and around 6 million houses in need of energy-saving measures which will help them become a part of the Green Deal network family.

The Green Deal Scheme is a government funded scheme which is aimed at reducing waste, minimising energy consumption and helping home owners to avoid unnecessary costs. Therefore Green deal installers need to undergo robust training and accreditation process. The Department of Climate & Energy Change has ensured that homeowners are protected through the terms of Consumer Credit Act. Consequently, Green deal installers are obliged to work to high standards and protect their clients’ interests at all times by advising them on which measures should be installed and making sure the expected financial saving of the homeowner will be greater than their energy bill.

Green deal Installers should also comply with Code of practise. To execute high level customer service and successfully implement energy efficient measures installers are expected to provide certified products, customer care service and insurers warranty for the used materials and products. In order to demonstrate that the Green Deal Installers will need to display the Green Deal Official Quality mark.

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