YOU Can Choose your Accredited Green Deal Installers & Providers

It’s time to clear up some of the confusion that still surrounds the Green Deal. Many are now starting to understand the process of the Green Deal Scheme, however what should be made clear is that participants do have a choice when it comes to choosing which installers and providers they opt for when undergoing property improvements. Because the Green Deal is a government scheme, many have been misled to believe that they will have little or no choice about what happens during the process after they have agreed to get involved.

The Green Deal is aimed at making UK properties more energy efficient and, in turn, more environmentally friendly. This will reduce the cost of property owners’ bills and reduce the harmful carbon emissions currently being pumped out into the atmosphere. The Green Deal will provide things such as boilers, double glazing and insulation to help homes retain heat and stay warmer for cheaper.

To get the process rolling, a property owner will have a Green Deal Assessor visit their home or business building to survey its energy inefficiencies and advise on what measures should be taken to fix them. However, agreeing to participate in this does not mean a lack of choice in the people or companies that carry out the improvements, or finance them.

For example, British Gas is one company that has been accredited as both a provider and installer for the Green Deal. If Green Deal participants wish to go with them they can, but if they don’t, there will be plenty of other options for them to choose from. Green Deal Accreditation means that whoever decide to go with will be working to a strict code of conduct and Green Deal standards.

A government scheme does not mean having all of these important decisions made for you, it is simply a way of making it more affordable to increase the value of your home and make it more comfortable. Installers and providers will charge different prices and offer varying services; just as if you were getting the improvements done outside of the Green Deal.

You are still free to choose which company or body would best suit you, your family’s and your property’s needs.

Further, it is always important to remember that the Green Deal is financed through the Green Deal loan; whoever you decide to go with will be playing by the Green deal ‘golden rule’ that the monthly instalments you pay for property improvements will only ever equate to, or be less than the money you save on energy bills.

With the Green Deal you still have a freedom of judgement; it is not a trap, but here to make your property-improvements run as smoothly as possible.

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